"Vagabonding is about refusing to exile travel to some other, seemingly more appropriate, time of your life. Vagabonding is about taking control of your circumstances instead of passively waiting for them to decide your fate." -Rolf Potts in Vagabonding

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    Tips for Living Abroad

    So you’re really going. You’ve been dreaming of doing this for a long time and you’re finally doing it. And you’re clueless! No worries, we all are but here’s a few things I really wish I’d known before taking the plunge and becoming an expat for the first time. Do not ONLY hang out with other expats. I saw this all the time. You spend all this time and money to move to a new country and then I see expats only with other expats. When you move abroad, it can feel like you’re out of your comfort zone all the time. Our instinct is then to gravitate to something…

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    How To See The World Without Breaking The Bank

    I get comments from my family, friends and on social media all the time about my travels and how I afford it. This year I’ve been to Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Acadia National Park in Maine, New York City, Glacier National Park Montana, Austin Texas, various states all over the North East for a LOT of different weddings and still have upcoming trips to Iceland and Chicago. That’s a pretty good amount for a year, it’s a lot of plane rides and a lot of hours in the car. This means MONEY but my savings account is still looking its best.  Here are all the ways I save money…